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First Lady Michelle Obama rewind from Jimmy Fallon's Late Night (VIDEO)

By April MacIntyre Feb 24, 2013, 0:59 GMT

First Lady Michelle Obama rewind from Jimmy Fallon's Late Night (VIDEO)

First Lady Michelle Obama, with wife of Japanese Ambassador to the US Yoriko Fujisaki (2R) and school children, shovels dirt onto a Cherry Tree during the National Cherry Blossom Festival Centenial Tree Planting Ceremony at West Potomac Park in Washington, DC USA, EPA/SHAWN THEW

Rewind from NBC as First Lady Michelle Obama made her first sit down visit to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” 

The interview aired Friday, February 22, 2013 at 12:35am ET on NBC.

In honor of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama present the “Evolution of Mom Dancing.”



JIMMY FALLON: Can I ask you another thing to think about?  I've said it here first-- Dream Team, Michelle and Hillary '16. What do you think?          

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, I have my eye actually on another job.  And I hear that when Jay Leno retires--

JIMMY FALLON: Oh yeah.         

MICHELLE OBAMA: -- that The Tonight Show position is gonna be open and I'm thinkin' about puttin' my hat in the ring.        

JIMMY FALLON: Yeah, I got my hat in that ring.    

MICHELLE OBAMA: --what do you think?

JIMMY FALLON: I'm done thinkin' about it.  (Laughs).


Welcome to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! We have First Lady Michelle Obama on the show tonight! I plan to ask her some serious questions, like, "Do you think that I could pull off bangs?"

That’s right, Michelle Obama is here! Everyone at the White House is excited – in fact, I heard they’re even letting Biden stay up to watch. (Isn’t that nice?)

With the First Lady here today, there’s a lot of additional security around the studio.  On my way in, I was grabbed, frisked and groped – then I was like, "Alright, Kathie Lee – enough. I have to get back to work.”

Michelle Obama is actually here tonight to talk about her fitness initiative “Let’s Move.”  Meanwhile, Chris Christie will be on next week to talk about his initiative "Let's Sit."

Get this. A 104-year-old woman is complaining that she can’t put her real age on Facebook because the birthdates only go back as far as 1910. Facebook said it will solve the problem, by either adding the dates...or just waiting it out.

The woman also complained about the new Facebook layout. She was like, "This used to ALL be Farmville!" 

And finally, police in California are investigating a suspicious 911 call that was made from the Playboy Mansion yesterday. But when they got there, Hugh Hefner said, “False alarm – it only lasted three hours.”


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