Discovery 'Gold Rush' dramatic finale: The Mother lode revealed

The Mother Lode has evaded the GOLD RUSH gold miners for three seasons.  Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Dave Turin, Parker Schnabel and Fred Hurt and the Dakota boys have battled against equipment breakdowns, infighting and rough weather for three seasons.

From Discovery

On the two hour live GOLD RUSH season three finale, the "Do or Die" season of Discovery's #1 series, it was revealed the gold miners brought in a grand total of 1,158 ounces of gold between the three crews.

Todd Hoffman set an ambitious 1,000 ounce goal for the season. He aimed high and fell short, but still pulled off a million dollar payday after he doubled down and secured two claims and twice the men and machines. Todd Hoffman’s crew mined 803 ounces of gold for the season. Parker Schnabel met his goal and mined 192 ounces, while “Dakota” Fred Hurt also hit his mark with 163 ounces of gold for the season.

The network has set a special two-hour live event for the season three closer of its top-rated series that will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Feb. 22. Gold Rush Live marks the first live event for the series.


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