Real Housewives of Beverly Hills update: Glanville NYT bestseller, Maloof may quit

E! Online is exclusively reporting that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof may leave the cast, as her nemesis and fellow cast mate Brandi Glanville climbs the New York Times bestseller list with her tell-all "Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders" book.

Glanville appeared at a packed Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Los Angeles Grove last night, meeting a real housewife of Beverly Hills from the 60s and 70s, Grace Robbins, the wife of Harold Robbins, who sold near a billion books that were turned into movies. 

Notably at this event, Lita Weissman, the Barnes & Noble book event manager, announced that Brandi Glanville had cracked the New York Times bestseller list.

Grace Robbins (L) at the Feb. 20 book signing with Brandi Glanville (L)

Grace Robbins (L) at the Feb. 20 book signing with Brandi Glanville (L)


Producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are looking to bring some new ladies into the mix, but are having trouble attracting serious contenders, a source exclusively tells E! News. Already announced was that original cast member Taylor Armstrong appears to be on her way out.

Meanwhile, Brandi Glanville appeared on Howard Stern’s show on Tuesday, and the outspoken “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star spoke candidly about the show’s salaries, lamenting that the more senior “Housewives” make $250,000 per season.

“I want what they’re getting, cause I feel like I work hard,” explains Glanville, who says of her co-stars, “They are just c*nts.”

While none of the ladies have responded officially to that slur, sources tell E! News that producers do not want Armstrong to return and that Adrienne Maloof might be exiting the reality hit as well, but the show's producers are hoping she sticks around, and brings her new man, Rod Stewart's son Sean Stewart, with her.

But why is Maloof reluctant to return?

"The truth is that Adrienne is fed up of all the drama taking place with Brandi [Glanville]. She is considering not returning as she wants to concentrate on her businesses and she doesn't want to be pulled down into the whole mess with Brandi again," one source explains. "What happened over the last season with her kids has really upset her.

Maloof isn't the only one frustrated with Brandi Glanville, E! claims producers are "upset" with her "because she's talked about her salary. None of the Housewives are allowed to discuss the money that they make from the show."

Armstrong will be exiting the show over her alleged drinking issues. "The producers are being nice to her as they want her to leave the show gracefully and not turn on them and run to the press," an E! source spills. "But they definitely do not want her back."

No one wants to be on this show it seems. E! reports from a source: "They are having problems finding new members for the cast as barely any of the women they have approached want to do the show," a source reveals. "It's not fun anymore. It seems dirty and nasty. And not something real Beverly Hills women want to get involved in. The catfights are too nasty; it's not classy and not something they think will be good for them."

It is rumored that Dana Devon, the former host of Extra, may join the fray. "There have been talks," E! confirms.

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