Chelsea Handler, Don Cheadle interviews from Leno and Late Night (VIDEOS)

Rewind time from NBC as The Tonight SHow and Late Night feature Don Cheadle and Chelsea Handler.

Watch Chelsea Handler and 105-Year-Old Edythe Kirchmaier on The Tonight Show, and Don Cheadle and John Oliver on Late Night, along with Black Thought's Oscar rap and six puppies voting for their 2013 Oscar picks.


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Part 1 Chelsea Handler talks about her new romantic boyfriend. Chelsea Handler, Part 2

Chelsea Handler on being interviewed by Oprah and her show After Lately. 105-Year-Old Edythe Kirchmaier, Part 1

Edythe Kirchmaier on what she paid for her house and car in the 40's. Link: Embed: 105-Year-Old Edythe Kirchmaier, Part 2

Edythe Kirchmaier on doing volunteer work in WWI. LATE NIGHT Facebook:

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If Puppies Could Vote: 2013 Oscars Jimmy welcomes back his panel of puppies to predict the 2013 Oscar for best picture.

Don Cheadle Jimmy asks Don about the addition of Matt Damon to the cast of his show, "House of Lies." John Oliver on His British Roots and The Pope Jimmy asks John what it would take for him to move back to the UK and John offers an unusual pick for the new pope.

John Oliver on Twitter and Slash Fiction John tells Jimmy about the experience of joining Twitter, and his discovery of "The Daily Show" slash fiction involving him. Audience Suggestion Box: Black Thought's Oscar Rap Black Thought of The Roots breaks down the 2013 Oscar nominees for best picture in an original rap.

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