NBC: Valentine's Day Preview Clipapalooza (VIDEOS)

Tune in alert for Valentine's Day on NBC!

·         COMMUNITY: We have a new preview for tomorrow’s episode below

·         PARKS AND REC: TWO new preview to help share the love Pawnees-style! Don’t miss all the hilarious, warm and fuzzy Valentine’s Day cards everyone is buzzing about on the official Parks and Rec Pinterest page.  (Link below)

·         THE OFFICE: Two previews for tomorrow’s episode… with love!

·         THE BIGGEST LOSER:  A look ahead to next Monday

·         DECEPTION: A look ahead to next Monday


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Pierce's Special Gym

There could only be one reason for all of those collars... secret dogs!


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Death and Destruction Hit Pawnee

Leslie's forced to spearhead an emergency preparedness drill at the worst possible time!

Ron Swanson - TV Host?

When Joan gets a bad case of "allergies," Ron is forced to take over hosting duties.



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Painful Pete

A heartbroken Andy doesn't know the source of his pain is just a few feet away.


Not So Good Morning

Andy has a hard time coping with being an ex.



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Adventures in Tightroping

A death-defying tightrope challenge teaches the contestants to trust each other.




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A Night of Revelations

Joanna's in the line of fire on the next Deception, Monday at 10/9c on NBC.

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