Discovery Channel Primetime Spotlight: February 12 - February 24, 2013

Discovery Channel Primetime Spotlight: February 12 - February 24, 2013:

Changes: Please note that POT COPS has been rescheduled to premiere on Wednesday, April 3 at 10PM ET/PT

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AFRICA: BEHIND THE SCENES special premieres on Tuesday, February 12 at 10PM ET/PT

Behind the Scenes: This special features the harrowing and sometimes humorous stories of the crew throughout the four-year-long filming of AFRICA.  Meet the cinematographers, producers and researchers who spent months and months in the field to bring this series to life.  Learn what it took to not only find the secret watering hole where the elusive black rhinos gather, but also the efforts the crew went through to film these notoriously ornery creatures – in the middle of the night.  Find out how one teenage chimpanzee managed to outsmart a film crew for weeks before they finally found her to film an incredible behavior.  And see how one courageous cameraman came eye to eye with feasting great white sharks.

MOONSHINERS Secret Summit special part 2 airs on Wednesday, February 13 at 10PM ET/PT

In Part 2 of this special, the moonshiners rendezvous in a secluded mountain cabin for an interview with series executive producer Matthew Ostrom. They talk about the moonshiners code, leading double lives, obsessive fans, and the perils of life at the still site. 

MOONSHINERS: TICKLE’S GUIDE TO LOVE Valentine’s Day special airs on Thursday, February 14 at 10PM ET/PT

In Appalachia, Moonshine season is months away but the season for LOVE is here! In this Valentine’s Day special, Moonshiners Tickle and Jim Tom share their expertise on romance and love. Meanwhile, we take a look back and watch as Tim and Tickle risk everything for a gamble on a high-stakes bootleg run.

FAST N’ LOUD season 2 premieres on Monday, February 18 at 9PM ET/PT

Mashed Up Mustang: Richard trades his friend a ’58 Impala for a ’67 Mustang. He flips a smoking (literally) ’72 Pontiac Formula 400, but will it make up for his most embarrassing purchase yet? Aaron and the crew rush to the scene of a Gas Monkey accident.

THE DEVIL’S RIDE season 2 premieres on Monday, February 18 at 10PM ET/PT

First Blood: Once the fastest-growing motorcycle club in San Diego, the Laffing Devils now face a fight for survival. President Billy the Kid has gone AWOL, and young gun Sandman tries to take control of the club and install himself as Prez... But he faces strong opposition from founding member Danny Boy. In the midst of turmoil, former brother White Boi returns to the club after years in prison, with a mission to shake things up. The Devils will need his help dealing with a major new threat: rival MC Sinister Mob Syndicate, led by vengeful former Devil Bubba. Sin Mob stole the Devils’ colors and is dedicated to destroying the Laffing Devils and running them out of town. Bubba recruits some heavy hitters to Sin Mob, and sends Sandman a message he can’t ignore. When the two clubs face off for the first time, neither is willing to back down. But later, when Sandman draws first blood, he leaves Sin Mob no choice but to counter-attack.

YUKON MEN: ON THE BRINK special airs on Tuesday, February 19 at 10PM ET/PT

Join the cast of the hit show YUKON MEN for an exclusive sneak peek at an epic new season.  Check out never-before-seen footage, get new insight into all of last year's heart-pounding action, and see what new challenges await the villagers of Tanana.

WEED COUNTRY series premiere on Wednesday, February 20 at 10PM ET/PT

Welcome to the Garden: It’s the beginning of the outdoor marijuana growing season and that means the cops will be on the lookout for illegal grows popping up all over the emerald triangle. In the premiere episode of WEED COUNTRY, grower Mike Boutin heads out for his first pot run of the summer and gets dangerously close to getting pulled over with six pounds of marijuana in his truck. But things get really tense when after returning home there is no sign of his wife, Tawni, and his faithful guard dog, Lasik.

AUCTION KINGS season 4 premieres on Thursday, February 21 at 9PM ET/PT

This week at Gallery 63, Cindy shows her inner redneck when she enthusiastically takes in - and tries on - a pit crew fire suit from the movie Talladega Nights, which Dr. Lori authenticates. An innovative seller consigns his custom-built Hydroplane Speedboat that Paul can’t wait to take for a test run on the lake. It’s a wild ride that gives Paul much more action than he bargained for.

GOLD RUSH LIVE special 2-hour season 3 finale airs on Friday, February 22 at 8PM ET/PT

The Motherlode: Winter strikes and the miners wage the final battle for the mother lode. The Hoffmans pull out a secret weapon to thaw frozen gold-rich paydirt. Dustin plunges into the freezing waters of the Glory Hole and Parker mines the last ground at Big Nugget.

YUKON MEN season 2 premieres on Friday, February 22 at 10PM ET/PT

Feast or Famine: It’s the end of fall in Tanana and villagers are in a race to get ready for winter. Stan has to transport his winter’s supply of fish down the Yukon River, but a problem with his boat threatens the entire catch. Charlie sets his sights on a moose to fill his family’s freezers, but when it slips away, he spends days tracking it to save his season. Courtney goes after her first moose to earn her new reputation as a skilled hunter. And when James discovers a virus is killing his dogs, he has to figure out a way to stop the deadly outbreak before it wipes out his team.

SILVER RUSH 3-part special premieres on Sunday, February 24 at 8PM ET/PT followed by new episodes at 9PM ET/PT and 10PM ET/PT

8PM ET/PT – The Hunt for Gairsoppa's Treasure: Odyssey Marine Exploration, the world’s best-known deep-sea recovery team, is at it again.  In 2007, they hit the jackpot with with the discovery of the “Black Swan,” a Colonial-era site with 17 tons of silver and gold.  But after a five-year legal battle, they had to turn it over to Spain.  Narrated by Mike Rowe, SILVER RUSH follows the team as they set out on their most audacious operation yet -- locate and excavate three shipwrecks worth as much as a billion dollars all in one summer.  In the first episode, the team finds several silver ingots indicating that they may be getting close to locating the 48 tons of silver supposedly on board.  But a required crew change forces them to leave the site of the SS Gairsoppa before they can find it.

9PM ET/PT – Curse of the Mantola: Odyssey’s Andrew Craig and the team head back to the site of the SS Gairsoppa in search of more treasure.  But a sudden storm forces a change of plan and they must reroute to a second wreck: the SS Mantola, a wreck that may hold 660,000 ounces of silver.  The team discovers an ingot and it appears that they’ve struck silver again.  However, when tested to see whether it is actually silver, the team gets an answer that will change their entire summer plan.

10PM ET/PT – Odyssey's Victory: In the final episode, the Odyssey guys double down on their two remaining shipwrecks. Seabed worker Andrew Craig and team finally recover their first million from the SS Gairsoppa. But can they find the mother lode before bad weather shuts them down for the year?  Simultaneously, the team sets sail for the HMS Victory and its reputed billion dollars in gold. She’s a British naval legend, but a gruesome discovery sets the team back.  Will this be the final blow to Odyssey’s summer of silver?


Tuesday, February 12


Meltdown: Stranded in the middle of Zambia’s hot, wild plains, Joe and Cody must avoid territorial hippos and herds of elephants to find water and shelter.  An argument over whether to sleep inside a bat-infested hollow tree threatens to break the team apart.

Friday, February 15


The miners square off with Gold Rush producers to talk about the highs and lows of the season and to come clean about the challenges of working together on the claims.


Redemption Road: Out of Indian River paydirt, Todd comes up with a risky plan to hit his 1,000 ounce goal. A bad fall puts Fred out the game, leaving Dustin to dig the glory hole. Parker worries his season is over but his grandpa is convinced he’s near the motherlode.


Dirtville: The season's end is steadily approaching, and every miner's back is against the wall. With debts mounting and feuds escalating, one skipper loads his rifle, another blows his stack, and yet another abandons his crew before hightailing it out of Nome.

Tuesday, February 19


Belly Of The Beast: Isolated beneath the mountains of Romania, lost in a labyrinth of underground caves, Joe and Cody fight to escape the pitch black darkness with dying headlamps.  Their teamwork is further strained by their opposing survival philosophies.

Thursday, February 21


Serenity: Scott returns from his wedding. The guys spot an unassuming gas vent and an electrified shed that could mean the houses hide hefty profits. A rural home next to a dairy farm has windows boarded from the inside and gets weirder and weirder in every room.


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