Ryan Lochte is in the Pink, eight buck dog unveiled

Ryan Lochte is joining Rosie O'Donnell and Betty White, landing a spot on Los Angeles mainstay Pink's Hot Dogs famous menu Friday, getting one of its famous hot dogs named after him.

E! reports that the "Ryan Lochte" hot dog combo features two of the restaurant's stretch hot dogs, topped with mustard, chili, French Fries and nacho cheese, served with a side of "Olympian Champion" onion rings.

We are so in.

"I've got to hand it to Pink's, they're dead on with this combo," the Olympic swimmer told E! News about his namesake meal. "I eat constantly, so the fact that it's not just one hot dog is awesome (seriously, I could eat five). And I guess the onion rings are supposed to represent the Olympic rings, which is cool. All that for eight bucks, COME ON!"

Before making an appearance at the famed Hollywood hot dog stand last night, Lochte tweeted, "Anyone in LA want to come try this with me tonight? ‪@pinkshotdogs ‪#jeah," along with a photo of his "Ryan Lochte" dog sign.

Pink's Hot Dogs has become a haven for celebrities during its 73-year-run in Los Angeles, naming their "super special" hot dogs after stars like Martha Stewart and Hollywood landmarks like Mulholland Drive.

Can't get enough of Lochte? Don't miss the premiere of his new docu-series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? on E! in April.

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