NBC: Deception, Whitney, Fashion Star, Chicago Fire and more previews

NBC fired over clips coming your way that will make you sweat, laugh, rethink your outfit and have your jaw dropping.  Take a look below for a full rundown:

·         Chicago Fire –  We have two new behind the scenes clips – one a fireside chat with Dawson and Shay sharing their latest endeavor on set, and the other with the special effects teams talking about the process  of simulating a huge  warehouse explosion.

·         Whitney – Two interviews, one with Chris D’Elia talking about working with John Cleese again and how it is working with an icon.  Then, we turn the camera on Cleese himself, as he discusses how it is to working with Whitney.

·         Fashion Star – It’s back, March 8th don’t miss an all-new season!  We’ve got a preview for you below.

·         Deception – The answer to a lingering questions will unlock a series of revelations that will have audiences reeling!  Don’t miss the sneak peek below.


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Fireside Chats with Dawson and Shay: Episode 1

Dawson and Shay get warm by their fire and share their latest endeavor on set - a surgical cricothyrotomy.



Special Effects: Creating an Explosion

Special effects coordinator John Millinac talks about the process of simulating a huge warehouse explosion!




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Chris D'Elia Talks John Cleese

Chris D'Elia talks about his experience working with the legendary John Cleese.



John Cleese Talks Whitney

Guest star John Cleese discusses his time on the Whitney set and playing the incompetent therapist, Dr. Grant.



FASHION STAR – Premieres March 8th @8/7c

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Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Get ready for the premiere of Fashion Star, Friday, March 8 at 8/7c on NBC!




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Who's Mia's Father?

Watch Deception, Monday at 10/9c on NBC to find out!


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