Pot as medicine or danger? Discovery previews for 'Weed Country' (VIDEO)

Undoubtedly marijuana is a natural pain reliever and appetite stimulant that is crucial for people who are seriously ill.

Then there are responsible adult drug takers who enjoy relieving stress by getting high - much as someone enjoys a drink at the end of a work day.

Then there are the small percentage of people who abuse and overuse such things, regardless of it being drugs, booze, food or sex. They tend to ruin it for everyone else.

Discovery announces new series 'Weed Country' -- Discovery premieres two new series: Pot Cops (9 p.m. ET), and Weed Country (10 p.m. ET), which takes us to the Emerald Triangle — a remote, fertile green goldmine on the border of Northern California and Oregon.

The series will show just how dangerous and fraught with legal problems this business is.

“Heavily armed with weapons and helicopters for aerial surveillance, these hardline law enforcers will stop at nothing to take down the growers’ operations and cut off their supply chains,” Discovery says in its announcement. “

Watch an exclusive preview of Weed Country below.

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