W. Kamau Bell's 'Totally Biased' rewind with Reggie Watts and Most Racist Things (VIDEOS)

Rewind time for our favorite FX chat show, "Totally Biased," as host W. Kamau Bell dissects current affairs tongue in cheek and features great acts like Reggie Watts who just tore it UP in his vocal stylings live.

Exhibit "A":

The Super Bowl was handled Kamau style as the Volkswagon ad was given the side eye for the fake Jamaican accent and the actor (white) putting on a Bob Marley act.

This led to Bell's infographic segment of the most racist things of all time, where he ranks the most racially offensive. The ad ranked way down the list.

Watch the segment and catch "Totally Biased" on Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. EST on FX.


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