'Stars Earn Stripes' reality operative and former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle killed by gunshot

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was murdered at a Texas Shooting Range.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was one of two people shot and killed at a gun range at the Rough Creek Lodge and Resort in Erath County, Texas, said U.S. Marshals.

ABC news reports the suspect fled the scene reportedly driving Kyle's truck. Eddie Ray Routh, 25, was arrested. He is described by Dallas-Forth Worth ABC affiliate WFAA (Channel 8) as a "former Marine who is said to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome."

According to the website of SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Situation Report), Kyle was volunteering to help veterans with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and taking the veterans to the gun range for therapy.

Kyle, 38, served four tours of duty in Iraq, twice suffering gunshot wounds. Kyle earned two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars With Valor and two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals. He left the Navy in 2009 and became president of Craft, a consultancy that trains military and law-enforcement personnel.

It was in January 2012, "American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History" a published memoir of Kyle's career as a SEAL sniper hit the shelves.

Recently this summer, Kyle was one of the "operatives" on the NBC reality show, "Stars Earn Stripes," in which he was paired with actor Dean Cain, who demonstrated an effusive affection and admiration for Kyle.

Cain spoke of the NBC experience at the summer 2012 television critics' association. "I just wanted to say one thing...these guys are heroes. They are really American heroes. And you often hear of a soldier a story of a soldier or you see someone get the Congressional Medal of Honor. You learn a little bit about them, but you donít really get to know too much about them. You donít get to see their face every day. You donít get to understand that they have a family and theyíre a real person. In this show youíre going to get a chance to see what these guys are made of. And hopefully, itís going to make you proud to be an American."

On Saturday night, Cain tweeted: "2013 started out fantastic ... Now it's a heartbreak. #SadDay."

American Sniper" co-author Scott McEwen said in a statement to ABC News: "We have lost more than we can replace. Chris was a patriot, a great father, and a true supporter of this country and its ideals. This is a tragedy for all of us. I send my deepest prayers and thoughts to his wife and two children."

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