TV5MONDE Must-See films to jump-start Valentine’s Day

Tune in alert for February programming from TV5MONDE.
Tales of fate and tales of turmoil premiere this month on TV5MONDE USA, including Benghazi, au-delà de la ligne de front, a gripping documentary that delves into the details of the Libyan civil war that broke out in February 2011; Le Piège Afghan, a modern day military film set in war-torn Afghanistan; Le Bonheur, a classic film of the French New Wave movement; and Fragile(s), a dramatic telling of the intersecting lives of strangers.

All of these films are presented with English subtitles and available in all major markets via DISH, Time Warner, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse and other local cable providers . For more information on additional February programming and channel listings, visit

FRAGILE(S) (2006)

February 3 • 8:35pm EST / 5:35pm PST

Director Martin Valente explores the lives of six individuals who meet through dramatic twists of fate in his 2006 drama, Fragile(s). Although they were never pre-destined to meet, the six individuals continue to cross paths as they journey through life. The critically-acclaimed and award-winning cast includes Jean-Pierre Darroussin, François Berléand, Jacques Gamblin, Caroline Cellier, Marie Gillain, Sara Martins and Elodie Yung.


February 12th • 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST

Director Agnès Varda proves that one cannot have his cake and eat it too in French New Wave classic, Le Bonheur. A happily married man betrays his wife and two children by falling in love with a mistress. Still very much in love with his wife, he does not want to keep the affair from her or lie. When his infidelity becomes public, he learns it’s just not possible to share his newfound lease on life with two women at the same time.


February 19th • 1pm EST / 10am PST

On February 17, 2011, civil war breaks out in Libya and thousands of civilians in Benghazi lead a battle to lay the foundations of a new society. This gripping documentary reveals the turmoil beyond the front line of the demonstrations. Director Natalia Grosco offers a closer look at the motives of the civilians and hundreds of journalists who crossed the border into this country, which was previously isolated from the rest of the international community.


February 22nd • 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST

After her convoy is ambushed and her partners are killed, military doctor Nadia (played award-winning Canadian actress Marie-Josée Croze) finds herself alone and trapped by Taliban soldiers. Her only hope is Hassan Walli, a Pashtun chief who she met in Paris ten years earlier.

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