TLC's 'Hoarding: Buried Alive' is back Feb. 13

TLC brings everyone's favorite trainwreck "Hoarding: Buried Alive" back for more gawker TV on February 13, 2013.

The network needs to examine the growng problem of animals hoarding, not "animal hoarding" but animals actually hoarding inside the house. I have a labrador who stashes underwear, socks and hats under his dog bed, along with all his favorite decimated squeaky toys and undigested chew sticks.

Anyway...TLCís hit series Hoarding: Buried Alive returns on February 13 with one of its most powerful episodes to date featuring single mom Karen, whoís not just struggling to save her home Ė but her children also.

For most 12-year-olds their home is a safe haven, a place to enjoy their childhood and form bonds with family members. But for Karenís son David, their 4-bedroom house in suburban New Jersey is anything but as it is overrun by filth, clutter, electrical wires and garbage. This is just so sad!

Most affected by her problem are Karenís children, sons Joseph, 14, and David, 12. She admits to using her own sonís bedrooms for storage and has driven their house so far into the ground that none of the bedrooms or bathrooms have functioning electricity.  

But as expected, thereís a reason for Karenís hoarding problems Ė tragedy. By the age of 54, Karen had endured the loss of two husbands and a child. Tune-in to witness this incredible story of perseverance through self-discovery made possible by the help of a licensed psychologist and a hauling team leader turned hero who rallied the local community to lend a hand.

Faced with the nearly impossible task of cleaning years of hoarding in a 48 hour window, this family struggles to meet the strict requirements of Child Protective Services in order to keep the teen boys out of foster care.

HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE goes beyond the hoard to reveal the psychology behind this obsession that has made daily existence unbearable. Each episode examines hoarders as they struggle to regain control of their uncontrollable behavior. This emotional attachment to objects is a debilitating condition that knows no demographic and if left untreated can destroy lives and break up families. Challenged by expert therapists and professional organizers, the hoarders attempt to reclaim their lives and relieve the distress.

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