FX's 'Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell' features Dave Zirin Jan. 31 (VIDEOS)

“Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” (Airs January 31, 11:00 pm e/p) the hot FX series is Executive Produced by Chris Rock, as standup comedian W. Kamau Bell dissects a multitude of topics including politics, pop culture, race, religion, and the media.

Directed by Joe Perota, this week's booked guest is Dave Zirin, sports columnist for The Nation magazine and host of Edge of Sports Radio on Sirius/XM.

At the recent Television Critics' Asociation winter tour, both Bell and Rock spoke about the series.

On framing serious subjects with comedy:  

CHRIS ROCK:  I think it's easier to talk about everything in comedy.  It's like we could have a lovey, funny abortion talk right now too if you'd like.  Everything is easier in comedy, right? 

W. KAMAU BELL:  Yeah.  I think that's one of the great things about comedy, is that it can make things that are hard to talk about easier to talk about.  Like you just said, Chris' joke about ammunition bullets costing $5,000 instantly makes the gun debate easier to talk about.  And somewhere, I think, there is a link.  I think comics do that sometimes and their jokes can predict the future or point the way towards the future.  It doesn't mean the comic is supposed to be trying to do that. 

Totally Biased w/ W. Kamau Bell returns Thursday, January 31th at 11pm only on FX.


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