Super Bowl TV roundup, plus a chat with NBC's 'The Crossover' team

Super Bowl XLVII will be seen all over the world through every avenue of technology available from New Orleans - as Mardi Gras celebrations and gridiron excellence collide. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

When the biggest game in America kicks off, you can catch the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers from all sorts of sources, here's a roundup:

The Amazing Kreskin will be appearing on Fox Business Network on Thursday, January 31st on After the Bell airing at 4 pm.  He will return to After the Bell the day after the Super Bowl, Monday, February 4, at the same time.

Four years ago, Kreskin successfully predicted the results of the Super Bowl.  Now he will be taking a giant risk and for the first time in his career will attempt to name the final score of the game. will feature innovative social experiences and expanded video programming leading up to Super Bowl XLVII to bring fans even closer to the action in New Orleans with a unique window into the game using a social dashboard to reveal which players, teams and storylines are buzzing among Facebook users around the country. is creating engaging online experiences that let visitors interact with the Facebook audience insights through graphics, photo galleries and breakdowns of the data by state, gender and age, available at

Beginning Monday, Jan. 28, will also feature three shows each day from New Orleans, the site of Super Bowl XLVII. The three daily shows, the most has ever offered around the Super Bowl, will give fans live and on-demand access to all of the latest news right from the heart of the action:

Eye on Football: Live from Jackson Square (3:00-4:00 PM, ET, Monday-Friday and 4:00-5:00 PM, ET on Saturday) will examine all aspects of the Super Bowl, from star quarterbacks and injury updates to the Xs and Os that may define the game. Broadcasting live from CBS Super Bowl Park at Jackson Square, in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter, the show will have an all-star lineup of guests, including former and current NFL players and coaches. Hosted by Brent Stover and presented by Blackberry, the show will feature former NFL Pro Bowl players Brian Westbrook and Trevor Pryce alongside CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora and NFL experts Pete Prisco and Nathan Zegura. Live from Jackson Square will also be simulcast on the CBS Sports Network.

Eye on Football: Road to the Draft (12:00-1:00 PM, ET, Monday-Friday) will examine what the 30 teams not playing in the Super Bowl will be doing in the offseason. Looking at what went wrong in 2012, what's in store for free agency and the approach to the NFL Draft, the show will release each expert¡¯s mock draft. Hosted by Kevin Corke, it will feature former NFL executive and current NFL Insider Pat Kirwan along with Prisco and NFL expert Will Brinson.

Eye on Football: Best of Radio Row (6:00-7:00 PM, ET, Monday-Friday) will feature a compilation of the most entertaining interviews of athletes, actors and personalities from Radio Row. Host Kevin Corke will be joined by Brinson and social media reporter Lauren Gardner.

From the Super Bowl event page (, fans will be able to access all of the live and on-demand video programming as well as the in-depth coverage from the Eye on Football team.

Over at NBC, "The Crossover" debuts, a new show that covers everything sports and entertainment-related, premiering January 28th at 6pm ET on NBC Sports.

The more than 24 hours of Super Bowl week programming on NBC Sports Network is the most ever in the network's history from a Super Bowl site.

The Crossover: with Beadle and Briggs is a new 30-minute daily topical sports, entertainment and pop culture show featuring Beadle (@MichelleDBeadle), one of America's most popular sports and entertainment broadcasters, and Briggs (@DaveBriggsTV), former Fox News personality, and premieres on Monday, January 28, at 6 p.m. ET on the NBC Sports Network.

The show's hosts, Michelle Beadle and Dave Briggs, discuss why the relationship between sports and entertainment make for good conversation, and what they are looking forward to most with the Super Bowl coming up. The Crossover on NBC Sports Network hosted a conference call along with Sam Flood, Executive Producer of NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network, to preview their new show which debuts Monday, January 28 at 6 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

On the super bowl and 'non storys' in sorts:

Beadle: Tim Brown, first and foremost. I feel like what was a non-story has turned into a big, giant story. And I want Callahan to speak.¡±

Briggs:And now Tim Brown says (Callahan) was not throwing the Super Bowl. I also like the tennis story. I'm not a tennis fan, not a tennis guy, but when it does Crossover, to use the title of the show, you've got to talk about it. Sloane Stephens takes out Serena, and Serena throws a classic tantrum for the ages, Harbaugh-like. And then, after the win, Sloane Stephens' first priority is to run over to her phone, check her tweets and her texts. That, to me, crosses over. Is that how you now celebrate a win? Her (Twitter) followers increased.

Beadle: I think Manti T'eo's not over yet, as much as I wish it was. This story keeps going because cynics, like myself, do not believe this kid for one second. So I think this story needs to continue on.

On hosting a sports show after a political show on FOX:

Briggs on Politics: We discussed all things 24-7 and did it in a very partisan manner. But I think the thing that you should take from Fox & Friends is that I can shift gears and do anything from current events, world events, to wars in the Middle East, to politics. Do I have a history of being somewhat political? Sure, but this is not a political show, and I don't intend to steer it in that direction. I always try to bring balance to an issue, and even if I have a very strong opinion, I always welcome other opinions.

Beadle: But we are going to do an hour special on Roe v. Wade anniversaries.

Briggs: I don't shy away from talking about politics if Sam wants us to¡­ I think that my past could allow us different discussions. We have a segment called 'Head to Head,' I could see myself saying, 'Alright, who's a worse dealmaker the United States Congress or the NHL?' I think you could take things from my past that changes the discussion topic a little bit and steer it in that direction.

On the whackadoo stories this past week:

Beadle: The last 2-3 weeks have been gifts from the sports gods. Every day is kind of one more thing that we can talk about that's fun. I'm just hoping that they have some more stories left in them come Monday because man, if I can get another dead, fake girlfriend who died of cancer out of this world, I think that we're all winning.

Briggs: It has been very difficult this last week to 10 days to not have the show airing. There's certainly no shortage of stories that are perfect for us. I wish we had Manti Te'o but there's another fake girl just around the corner.

Washington Redskins players just said that they too have been duped by a couple of fake online girls. There's always a juicy story right around the next corner.

On kicking off the Crossover from NOLA:

Beadle: We're talking about New Orleans here, one of the great cities in the country. There's food, there's people, there's a vibe. I just think that it's going to give us an energy  as if we needed more ¨that we're just not going to get anywhere else. So, for me, I'm pumped. It's outside, it's 70 degrees for goodness sakes, and it'll be the Super Bowl week, the best week of the sports year.

Briggs: I personally have never been to New Orleans, I'll admit that, so I can't wait to get there and incorporate as much of that city as we can. We're going to have the New Orleans-type of guests, people that really encompass the spirit of that town. Also, Beadle and I are going to take a tour of the city with a former Saints great and get a sense of it. We want to bring people there that are tuning in from across the country, and give them a sense of what it feels like and what the spirit is like all week.



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