Gypsy Sisters coming at you February from TLC (VIDEO)

On February 10, TLC launches the all-new series Gypsy Sisters. Part female ensemble and part cultural exploration, the series focuses on four women in the outrageous Stanley family, first introduced in last spring's My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

Basically Honey Boo Boo with an orange spray tan, cussing, less fat and more implants.

Meet child Mellie Stanley (best known for her stripping and violent temper), her meddling sister Nettie, cousin Kayla - a traditional Gypsy, and lovable sister-in–law Laura, for a raucous look at life as Gyspies in the wilds of West Virginia. As this sneak peek shows, the Gypsy Sisters are one big family who are loud, proud, and over the top.

From TLC

Martinsburg, West Virginia is a hotbed of Gypsy culture and intrigue. 

Nettie Stanley is the outspoken matriarch of the Stanley clan, and she wields gossip like a weapon against her enemies.  When she’s not stirring up drama and inserting herself into the lives of her nine children, she’s contending with her rambunctious younger sister Mellie, the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family.  Mellie’s job as a stripper, as well as her proclivity for drinking, swearing, and getting into fist fights has made her the talk of the town, and Nettie feels that Mellie has brought shame on the family name.

Matriarch Nettie Stanley worries that her sister Mellie’s stripping and fighting are getting dangerously out of hand.  Meanwhile, Mellie’s ex-boyfriend Robbie comes back to town.  And later, Kayla’s trip to the racetrack is derailed by Mellie’s drinking.

Nettie and Kayla get in a huge fight over who will get to plan Mellie’s wedding.  Kayla and her husband are at odds over how to raise their teenage daughter.  And when Mellie’s ex-con mother gets released from jail it threatens Mellie’s newfound sobriety.

Mellie and Robbie set a wedding date. Laura plans a 15th anniversary party for Kayla and Richard.  Mellie worries when Nettie insists on throwing her a bachelorette party – a road trip with their cousin Annie to Ocean City that gets wildly out of control.

The series premieres February 10 at 9/8c

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GYPSY SISTERS is produced for TLC by Firecracker Films.

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