NBC: Deception, Go On, Parenthood previews for tonight (VIDEOS)

Tune in aert for the Parenthood season finale tonight!

Catch a preview below, plus a peek at tonight’s Go On and interviews with Matthew Perry and Piper Perabo. We’ve also got special guest stars Bob Harper and Nicole Richie on Betty White tonight, and The New Normal is all new, too!

NBC is also going deeper into the world of Deception with the third installment of “Vivian Tells All.” Get the rundown on Vivian Bowers’ murder investigation from the victim herself in the webisode below.


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Vivian Tells All: Episode 3

Just when it seems like she's been seduced, Joanna remembers who she is...



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Parenthood Season Finale

Big things are happening next week on the last Parenthood of the season, Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.



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The Return of Simone

A former group member's return stirs up controversy on the next Go On, Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.

Matthew on Ryan and Romance The star of Go On talks about working with Terrell Owens and his buddy Piper. Piper Perabo on Simone Will Ryan have his first relationship? Piper tells all!


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