SNL Highlights: Mixed bag with host Jennifer Lawrence and The Lumineers (VIDEOS)

"Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence may want to keep with her dramatic career and avoid comedy.

We have all of Lawrence’s highlights, including her monologue, Hunger Games Press Conference, and Top Dog Chef competition.

Lawrence gamely delivered what was written but it fell flat and unfocused. The best bits were the Weekend Update news as per usual, The Lumineers refreshing musical performance and Bill Hader as Tommy Lee Jones with his patented poopy face.

This week's skewered culture effigies were everyone's most hated sports duo, the latest American idiots writ large: Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o. Even Jodie Foster's rambling but brave speech at the Globes was fair game. All of which stuffed inside a funny Piers Morgan sketch send up by Taran Killam.

Sudekis's best line as Armstrong? "Am I sorry I did it? Yes. Ish."

Also of note was everybody’s favorite second-hand news correspondent Anthony Crispino stopping by the Update desk.

Catch both performances by The Lumineers – “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love” – below.







Piers Morgan Cold Open: Lance Armstrong

Jennifer Lawrence Monologue

Starbucks Verismo

Girlfriend Talk Show

Hunger Games Press Conference

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