The Bachelor Recap: Tacky hos are a dime a dozen edition

"The Bachelor" continues is quest for love for Sean, as the crowd winnows and my patience does too.

Sean Lowe took our one-armed Sarah to downtown LA via helicopter to essentially ambuh her into jumping off the building with the promise of champagne, a rose and a kiss afterwards.

The couple free fell (over 300 feet) and then it was B-roll time for Sarah to share her childhood stories of her lack of an arm keeping her from zip-lining.

"And my dad told me in that moment that, he said, 'You know, Sarah, this is why you need to find a guy that's gonna be like strong enough to go through moments like this in life with you, and he's gonna be strong and comforting and gonna know how to handle situations like this.'

Sarah is now rose-d and primed to continue.

Next the women were photoshoot models - as cowgirls, vampires, sexy and period/historic. The hottest photo would get a three-book cover deal with Harlequin romance novels. There was much gnashing of teeth and shade throwing over hair extensions.

Bottom line, Katie gave up on this crazy TV construct, and Brooke and Diana were 86ed.

Worst line: "I'm vegan but I love the beef..."

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