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Karma wheel set to crush NBC and Matt Lauer over Ann Curry mishandling?

By April MacIntyre Jan 12, 2013, 12:30 GMT

Karma wheel set to crush NBC and Matt Lauer over Ann Curry mishandling?

Ann Curry and Justin Bieber - Janet Mayer /

Everybody loves Ann Curry. Except for Matt Lauer, who as it turns out was the alleged catalyst for her firing from the "Today Show."

Problem is, Ann is still tied to NBC by contract but wants to make a move to another network, far, far away from Lauer.

According to a source for, "Ann has clearly gotten the short end of the stick from NBC. Ann's reporting on air has been greatly diminished, and she is ready to move on,"

With the stalemate, it is possible NBC will see Ann Curry file a breach of contract lawsuit for her firing according to the Radaronline source.

The "TODAY Show" viewers were stunned to hear that Curry, co-anchor for the past 15 years, was being kicked off the show to a less visible position, allegedly over ratings.

Now ratings are really low, as Matt Lauer is square in the spotlight. posted Ann Curry saying her goodbyes on "Today" and her body language speaks volumes.

TMZ broke the story that Matt renegotiated his contract recently with NBC, without Ann as his co-anchor.

Watch the video as Matt and Ann say goodbye, and how she embraces Al Roker and Natalie Morales, both of whom she looks at with affection.


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