'The vagina man' featured on TLC's 'Plastic Wives;' you are warned (VIDEO)

Looking their best isnít just personal, itís business. TLCís Plastic Wives premieres Sunday, January 27th at 10/9c.

Botox babes, filler abuse, grotesque lips and puffy cheek-itis? Check, check, check and check as TLC brings the ladies who are married to the cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills who not only keep their faces together, but their lady bits too.

Plastic surgeons are scaling back actual surgery and injecting more, and TLC brings them all to you in the one-hour special, Plastic WIives, airing Sunday, January 27th at 10/9c


From TLC

Beverly Hills is a cutthroat city where youth and wealth reign supreme and appearances are everything. To certain women, aging gracefully isnít an option Ė theyíve decided to wage war against Mother Nature.

Looking young and beautiful means endless injections, nips and tucks, making plastic surgery a hugely popular and lucrative business. TLC slices into this tight-knit community, warts and all, in the all new one-hour special PLASTIC WIVES, following four women who are romantically linked to some of the most successful cosmetic doctors in Los Angeles.

Frances, Veronica, Alana and Dayna have no qualms about taking advantage of the unlimited access to their husbandís procedure room.  These women are so obsessed with looks that theyíll stop at nothing to attain perfection from head to toe- and everywhere in between. From labiaplasty to chin liposuction to G-Spot injections, these extreme treatments have become routine for those living inside this industry. Everyone wants to be part of this quirky world. Meet the ladies who have married into it:

∑         Dayna Devon- Married to Dr. Brent Moelleken, a board certified plastic surgeon, who she's constantly hitting up for surgery.  As an on-camera personality (former co-host of ďExtraĒ) she says, "Hollywood is in the business of youth," and so she will stop at nothing to reverse the aging process.  

∑         Alana Sands- Married to Dr. Kevin Sands, a cosmetic dentist treating only the elite. His successful business helps pay for their extravagant lifestyle which includes three fulltime nannies, two fulltime masseuses, and a fulltime chef.

∑         Veronica Matlock- Married to Dr. David Matlock a cosmetic surgeon, whom she lovingly calls ďthe vagina man.Ē  Veronica believes sheís a reflection of him, so she is constantly watching her weight and sculpting her body (with his help of course).

∑         Frances Marques- Co-owns a thriving plastic surgery center with her ex-husband, Dr. Ryan Stanton. She lives with her daughter Pablynie in a newly built dream home, fully equipped with a procedure room so Ryan can perform "touch ups" on her from time to time.

The one-hour special is produced by Lighthearted Entertainment.

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