Mama drama on TLC's 'Cheer Perfection' (VIDEO)

Tune in alert for new “mama drama” which continues in tonight’s all-new episode of TLC’s Cheer Perfection, airing at 10/9c.

From TLC

Youth Silver’s first competition of the season is coming up and the team plans to fly to Chicago to compete at Xtreme Spirit.  In preparation, Alisha adds more difficulty to the team’s stunts, making their routine flashier.  Such last minute changes might be too much for the younger team members, for whom it’s more difficult to learn and retain new choreography. 

For no nonsense coach Alisha, it’s a gamble worth taking.

As competition day grows closer, Alisha learns that two of her best, most seasoned tumblers become injured, a huge stumbling block that throws everything into disarray.  With such a setback, the team is unsure if either cheerleader will be able to hit the competition floor.

Shannon, still hurt from Ann’s comments during parents’ team practice, confronts her friend and is surprised what she learns.  Michelle also decides to take up her issues with Ann.  She challenges her and an unsuspecting mother at a prep meeting for the Chicago trip.


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