TLC deranged Toddler in Tiara eats worms (VIDEO))

TLC never fails to deliver.

Weak stomachs beware…

This Wednesday’s all-new episode of TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras (premiering at 9/8c) introduces the fascinating 9-year-old Jordan who is a tomboy on the inside and a pageant girl on the outside.

This small town girl from Spark, Nevada has competed in more than 150 pageants. When she’s not competing for ultimate grand supreme, she enjoys digging for worms to eat. 

Yes, eat. Her mother Crystal admits that pageants are like drugs and before she knew it, she was spending all of her money to compete just to have friends. 

Worried about her daughter’s worm eating habit, Crystal reminds her 9-year-old that her future boyfriend will never kiss her if she continues to consume live worms.



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