Bieber Paparazzo death and Selleck on 'Three Men and a Baby' Sequel - The Talk (VIDEOS)

Rewind time from The Talk as Tom Selleck speaks on 'Three Men and a Baby' Sequel.

Selleck addresses rumors of a "Three Men and a Baby" sequel.

When asked by co-host Aisha Tyler if “Three Men and a Bride” was in the works, Tom reveals: "I heard it was, so yes. I've talked to Ted and I’ve talked to Steve Guttenberg...and we'd love to get back together if they’ve got a good idea. It seemed to be real, and then it disappeared. If they’re smart, they’ll do it.”

Tom Selleck “Three Men Sequel”

Bieber Paparazzo Killed

A photographer was killed when chasing Bieber's car, sparking conversations about changing laws for media. Perez Hilton weighs in: "I hope that change starts with Justin Bieber first. He has had a lot of instances with the paparazzo lately."

VIDEO EMBED – Justin Bieber Paparazzo Killed



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