Gerard Depardieu has nothing on Bronson Pelletier, airport peeing video hits smallscreen

Newly minted Russki Gerard Depardieu paved the way for the inebriated celebrity public plane peeing back in 2011.

Now Canadian 'Twilight' actor Bronson Pelletier has taken that baton and run with it, christening LAX with his urine.  

Depardieu famously peed on a plane going from Paris to Dublin in 2011.

Pelletier - allegedly drunk - relieved himself right in the middle of LAX last month ... and there's video courtesy of Internet police

In the video, an airport employee approaches Pelletier ... and then the actor unzips and pees in public.

Pelletier of course was arrested for public intoxication at LAX after getting thrown off a flight for being too drunk.

A rep for Pelletier tells TMZ Bronson will be entering a treatment program for addiction in the near future.



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