Nat Geo Channel week previews beginning January 7

Tune in alert for the week of January 7, 2013 on National Geographic Channel.


For well over a century the National Geographic Society has been synonymous with pioneering expeditions, groundbreaking discoveries and breathtaking imagery of world cultures and exotic locations. In celebration of the iconic yellow border's 125th anniversary, National Geographic Channel pays tribute to the hotshots, the mavericks and the best in their field who have devoted their lives to exploring the world around us and the groundbreaking discoveries that are making a difference.


Premieres Sunday, January 13, at 9PM ET/PT

The freshman hit series is back! Head into unrelenting New England waters made famous by the novel "The Perfect Storm," to follow captains who must prove they can find the big fish, or "blue gold" while complying with the strictest fishing regulations in the world. While each boat is loaded with diesel engines, radio and sonar, it all goes out the window when they reel in a fish just like it was done centuries ago: man vs. fish, rod vs. fin.

Doomsday Preppers: No Such Thing As A Fair Fight
Tuesday, January 8, at 9P ET/PT

Businessman by day, prepper by night. Brent lives in fear of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will make the world go dark, leaving his family of 12 with nothing. To prepare for life after the EMP, Brent has constructed a medieval-style castle that will serve as the ultimate bug-out fortress. Derek runs a Wild West theme park and fears that a solar flare will hit earth's atmosphere, disabling the power grid. He and his family use their amusement park as a secret prepping oasis, where they can practice strategic defense at night alongside unassuming props.
Diggers: Civil War Nectar Sector
Tuesday, January 8, at 10P ET/PT

The guys are digging at Civil War campsites in Virginia ? these nectar hot spots are a great place to find Union and Confederate artifacts, and KG and Ringy hope to strike it rich with the ultimate find: a strongbox. Strongboxes were used to store valuables somewhere on a homestead; the valuables were buried and often forgotten after family members passed away. Their search turns up a Confederate belt buckle, but no boxes of buried treasure. Before they head home, KG gives it one last shot, and his detector picks up a huge signal ? could it be the chest of riches they've been hoping for?
Diggers: The Lost Hotel
Tuesday, January 8, at 10:30P ET/PT

KG and Ringy are on a mission in Montana to find a long-lost cavalry camp. The boys want evidence that the camp existed, but finding it won't be easy: The fabled camp is said to be located in a desert oasis. Then, the boys search for signs of an infamous speakeasy in the creepy bowels of a once-glamorous hotel. The stakes are high when the guys bet on what's hidden inside a Wild West lockbox ? is it filled with "juice" or could it be empty? The loser will have to scarf down some briny pickled eggs!
Border Wars: Smuggler's Stash
Wednesday, January 9, at 9P ET/PT

Drugs, humans, weapons and money can be hidden anywhere by anyone at any time, and nobody knows that better than the law enforcement officers who work on or near the border. Laredo narcotics officers raid a residence in a school zone after a confidential informant buys crack cocaine direct from a drug dealer's house. While stash houses like these are the norm, experienced Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents know that following footprints out into the fields, far from buildings and homes, often reveals underground narcotics bunkers. At Laredo's port of entry, agents have only minutes and their guts to assess every traveler, and a nervous driver raises some eyebrows. Their K-9 unit confirms their suspicion, but the drugs are hidden so deep, digging them out will be a whole other task.
Hell on the Highway: Hell Freezes Over
Wednesday, January 9, at 10P ET/PT

A powerful storm slams Donner Summit which is a gold mine for the tow dogs. It's illegal to be on the road without chains. The road's pure ice--Brandon nearly gets hit by a spinoff; Eddie argues with CHP; Sam and Craig nearly come to blows; Becky Norman poaches a tow and then gets into a brutal argument with her boyfriend; and due to poor equipment maintenance Will Slade of Running Bear shows up late for his tow and then finds out his wife has left him.
Rocket City Rednecks: All-Terrain Transformer
Thursday, January 10, at 9PM ET/PT

The Rednecks build an all-terrain transformer that's "more than meets the eye." Using a couple of electric motors, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) parts and aluminum framing, they construct a wearable ATV that can drive over any terrain, then transform into a suit for walking around. The weekend gets off to a rocky start when the prototype the guys nickname "Stupidious Prime" nearly breaks Travis' back. But after some design tweaks, troubleshooting and mud flaps, they'll put the transformer to the ultimate redneck run!
Rocket City Rednecks: Lightning Gun
Thursday, January 10, at 9:30PM ET/PT

No gunpowder or Alabama?! Travis thinks its high time that modern weaponry evolved?after all, gunpowder is a thousand-year-old invention. He predicts that beam technology is the wave of the future. But building an actual ray weapon proves to be more challenging than Travis expected. After a failed experiment that destroys Mama Taylor's brand-new microwave, the guys ask a local mad scientist for help with high-voltage technology. Together, they convert a giant Tesla coil into a weapon by attaching a "gun" made from an old pressure washer hooked up to a can of argon gas. With all this high voltage, can the Rednecks cook up something that kills the bad guys without killing themselves?
National Geographic at 125
Friday, January 11, at 8PM ET/PT

Like characters from science fiction, humans are shattering boundaries long considered unbreakable. We are exploring the deepest, darkest regions of the planet as well as the edges of the known universe. We're morphing with machines and eradicating disease. Meet the trailblazers who are working on the frontiers of exploration and innovation. Join Dr. Gary Kobinger as he battles the world's deadliest viruses and designs a blueprint for stopping the next pandemic. Tag along with storm chaser Tim Samaras as he attempts to do the impossible: film a lightning bolt the moment it hits the ground using a camera so powerful, it can shoot at one million frames per second. Travel to Mongolia, where research scientist and engineer Albert Lin believes he's located the burial ground of the legendary warrior Genghis Khan. Join explorer and filmmaker James Cameron as he dives into the darkest depths of the ocean, and accompany Bob Ballard as he deploys a network of underwater scientists around the world to explore the uncharted mysteries of the deep. Experience an incredible odyssey that reveals that superhuman abilities lie not just in strength or intelligence but in the dogged determination of the human spirit to continually seek the next frontier.
Wicked Tuna: Back in the Hunt
Sunday, January 13, at 9PM ET/PT

The fishermen of Gloucester, Mass., navigate the open seas in hopes of catching the first fish of the season. Dave Carraro, captain of, finds his first fishing spot of the season, but his day is interrupted by an unwelcome visitor. Tyler McLaughlin, a New Hampshire native and the 24-year-old captain of the Pin Wheel, has headed south to invade Gloucester waters, with the expressed intent of catching more fish than Dave. The Pin Wheel anchors right next to ? kicking off a rivalry between the two cocky and competent captains. For Dave Marciano, captain of Hard Merchandise, and Bill Monte, captain of the Bounty Hunter, the pressure is on after a disappointing result last year. Another down year could force Hard Merchandise off the water and potentially end Bill's 35-year fishing career.
Mudcats: Big Fish Big Bucks
Sunday, January 13, at 10PM ET/PT

It's the first round of the 10-week-long Okie Hand Fishing Invitational, and grabbler "Katt Daddy" Brewer thinks he's got a hold on a local legend. Underwater cameras capture the epic battle of man versus fish, as Katt Daddy wrestles a megabeast he calls Jaws. But this time, the fish gets the best of him. Katt Daddy explains, "He was a big bitch and he was mean, and he tore my ass up. You know, he bust me in the head, bit me on top of the head. You know, put white spots in my eyes." Elsewhere, father-daughter duo Lee McFarlin and Misty Garcia roll the dice, driving all the way to Texas to fish. Rules say teams can fish wherever they want, but it's risky to waste all that valuable time driving. But it's the Catfish King who brings in the week's biggest fish, a 62-lb. whopper!

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