Boobies to Lifetime: 'Double Divas' exposes mystery of bras (VIDEO)

Tune in alert for "Double Divas," a new Lifetime reality show that features an "unfiltered cast exuding Southern charm and hospitality."

"Double Divas" premieres January 10 at 10.9c

The series follows LiviRae owners and best friends Molly Hopkins, the "boob whisperer," and Cynthia Richards, the "Thomas Edison" of custom lingerie, as they display their natural talent helping women with any and all intimate apparel needs.

Named after their daughters Olivia and Rainey, LiviRae Lingerie was launched in 2006 by Molly and Cynthia, who originally became friends while working together in a lingerie shop, where they saw an opportunity to expand the business of intimate apparel in the South.

From Lifetime

Molly, who has the habit of acting as therapist to her customers, is on a mission to get women in to the right size bras…one cup at a time. Cynthia, LiviRae’s chief designer, brings her creative vision to life by designing sexy and sometimes quirky garments, giving customers an array of selections to spice up her (or his) life. Along with their stunning young apprentice, Loren, these bra experts will go to any length to making sure everyone who walks through LiviRae’s doors finds the right lingerie that highlights their beauty and unleashes their sexuality—no matter their shape or size...or occasion.

The series will follow the ladies as they travel across the region in their LiviRae brassiere branded truck on their way to fittings, bridal showers and various other bustier business. In the end, the two mavens make a dynamic duo that spreads their heart, soul and laughter with clients—wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends—seeking answers to questions typically reserved for the bedroom.

Molly works the business side while Cynthia is in charge of creative design. The two take opposite approaches to every situation, clashing often, but always love and enjoy each other as dear friends.

The two became best friends while employees at a lingerie store in Atlanta where they saw room for expansion in the business. With their fifty-plus-years combined expertise at properly fitting bras and designing lingerie, Molly and Cynthia knew they were destined to build a business.

Cynthia says, "I worked at Intimacy. At that time Victoria's Secret was so popular and I was young and thought it would be a cool job so I stopped in to see if Intimacy was hiring and they were. I was top sales and convinced the owner to start bringing in D cups. I also learned that the 38B I had been wearing was all wrong and my true size was a 34C or D."

Molly's basic philosophy for life? "Positive mental attitude. PMA not PMS!"

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