Ohio version: Achmed's Weekly Bombs from Jeff Dunham - December 27, 2012

Live from Dayton, OH, Jeff Dunham's infamous Achmed the dead terrorist was on tour Wednesday night in Dayton, OH.

Check out "Achmed's Weekly Bombs" at Jeff Dunham's YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/jeffdunham) and get his take on the week's hot topics.

Achmed's Weekly Bombs will also be nested on iTunes as a podcast hosted by the Sideshow Network, home to podcasts from some of the biggest names in comedy. 
Launched on Monday, November 19th, this latest addition to Jeff's arsenal of outreach in social media joins his presence on Facebook (www.facebook.com/jeffdunham), Twitter (www.twitter.com/jeffdunham), and Instagram (instagram.com/dunhamjeff).  Check out more videos on his YouTube Channel and more info on Jeff's tour, merchandise and other news at his website www.JeffDunham.com.

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