Alec Baldwin throws coal at CNN, TMZ and WB for complicit corporate 'gotcha' (VIDEO)

Actor and possible future politician Alec Baldwin appeared on Piers Morgan's Thursday night show and laid out to the CNN host his thoughts on tabloid journalism.

Baldwin, whose dislike for paparazzi was underscored by his remark that it "cheapens and demystifies showbusiness," took aim at Harvey Levin of TMZ - a child of Warner Bros. - a site that tries to "stab you in the back" if you make a film for the WB. He made it clear that sister company CNN was complicit in the game of "gotcha."

Morgan, a former tabloid editor, disagreed. "I say this with great respect, because I know that you get much more attention than I would. Whenever I come across these guys, especially TMZ, they always strike me as quite entertaining ... I just find them kind of a necessary part of the business."


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