NBC: The Voice for Dec. 3! Plus 30 Rock and 1600 Penn (VIDEOS)

Tune in alert from NBC as they fired over great new clips to start your week. 

Marisa Tomei and Carson Daily visited Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Friday, where Carson gave the scoop on The Voice’s Top 6. Now, the pressure is on for tonight’s new episode -  get a preview of how the competition is heating up.

Then get ready for the new year: the 30 Rock cast and crew give their predictions for the series finale this January, and 1600 Penn gives you a comedic sneak peek at family life in the White House when the series premieres January 10.


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Marisa Tomei, Part 1 (11/30/12)

Marisa Tomei on her love for pizza.



Marisa Tomei, Part 2 (11/30/12)

Marisa Tomei on having progressive parents.



Carson Daly, Part 1 (11/30/12)

Carson Daly on his spontaneous motorcycle trip.



Carson Daly, Part 2 (11/30/12)

Carson Daly on what's happening on The Voice.




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The Pressure Is On

With one coach already eliminated, it's more than the artists who have something to lose.

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The Final Season: Predicting the End

Cast and crew give their predictions for the series finale.

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1600 PENN: Premieres Thursday, January 10th at 9:30/8:30c

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Walking and Talking

As it turns out, multitasking is not Skip's strong suit. Don't miss 1600 Penn, premiering Thursday, January 10!

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