Horror: Dominican Republic television show fire assault on American (VIDEO)

Horror unfolded on Dominican Republic television as a popular show became a crime scene in one frighteningly fast moment.

An American magician was doused with flammable cologne commonly used in Santeria rituals in front of a live studio audience. He survived and is in hospital recovering from severe burns.

CNN reports that Wayne Houchin, a Chico, Calif. native, wrote in a statement on his Facebook page says he is “resting, healing & working through the legal process" in the Caribbean nation, where he had been performing with a group of fellow magicians.

The crime occurred during a Nov. 26 appearance on the Dominican Republic’s “Closer To The Stars” TV program, guest host Franklin Barazarte poured the flaming liquid on the U.S. magician’s head with “Agua de Florida.”


video of the incident shows the magician’s head bursting into flames as Barazarte runs his hands over Houchin’s hair.


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