Sneak Peek At The New Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats! (VIDEO)

NBC fired over a sneak peek for Thanksgiving Day parade fun!

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like the annual Macy’s parade, which will air on NBC this Thursday morning at 9am ET.

John Piper, VP Creative Director at Macy’s Parade Studio, gave NBCUDirect a private tour of all the new floats that will appear in this year’s parade.

Watch for Ninja Turtles! A giant guitar! Children dressed as cookies! Goldfish having THEIR own parade! You also get a peek at how the floats were made – starting with nothing more than a base on wheels – and what materials are used to make them. Check out NBC's video to see all the fun new floats, and make sure to tune in to NBC on Thanksgiving to see them all in action.

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