MythBusters no miss Thanksgiving episode with Alton Brown (VIDEOS)

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving practically? We are hunting for all our favorite recipes and getting the basics stocked and ready for the day of cooking, feasting, eating and passing out.

The fine folks at Discovery are too, and sent us a special MythBusters event for T-Day with Alton Brown to test some food myths

Airing THIS Sunday, Nov. 18th at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery

In this mouthwatering episode, Adam and Jamie team up with celebrity chef Alton Brown to find out if you can cook a full Thanksgiving day dinner under the hood of a car. 

Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant test to see if myths about tryptophan in turkey are really true, and if mystery meats can sometimes taste like chicken.

Express Popcorn | MythBusters

Chasing Chicken | MythBusters



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