Marriott International exposed on CNBC

Tune in alert as CNBC goes behind the scenes to tell the story of one of the largest hotel empires in the world.

Marriott International spans 74 countries, 3700 properties, and 20 brands – from Courtyard to Marriott to Ritz-Carlton – and pulls off the massive feat of housing and feeding guests in more than 645,000 rooms each night.

With extraordinary behind-the-scenes access, the documentary will explore the strange science of hotel pricing, explain why guests can pay wildly different prices for comparable rooms, and profile an executive chef as he prepares a banquet for 2000 people.

CNBC cameras examine the Ritz-Carlton’s obsessive culture of customer service, and travel to India to witness Marriott’s shrewd expansion into the developing world – all part of the story of an American, family-run dynasty that’s thrived by walking the line between playing it safe and taking some calculated and hugely successful risks.

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