Chaz Bono's way too fat according to The Doctors (VIDEOS)

Chaz Bono visits the Emmy Award-winning syndicated series, The Doctors, for a candid interview on his life-long struggle with body image and weight.

On Wednesday, November 14 (check local listings), the activist and writer will sit down one-on-one with The Doctors co-host, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, for a sobering look at how he can take control of his health and drop the excess weight. 
The interview with Bono, who is currently carrying 250 pounds on his 5’ 5” frame, will take viewers through his struggles with weight from childhood to the present, how he balanced pressures from family to be thinner while growing up, through his years of drug and alcohol abuse, competing on “Dancing with the Stars,” and finally to what has motivated him to undertake this weight loss journey with the help of The Doctors.
Dr. Travis will lay out details of the vigorous fitness and nutrition program designed to help Bono achieve the doctor-recommended weight loss goal of 50-80 pounds. Bono’s weight loss team includes a board-certified endocrinologist (Dr. Eva Cwynar), nutritionist (Samantha Grant), trainer (MMA fighter Frank Colcher), and dance instructor (Oksana Dmytrenko – Chaz’s former “Dancing with the Stars” partner) who will all meet with Chaz on a regular basis, offering hands-on guidance throughout the process. Chaz will also have meals provided by Freshology.
Bono reveals being thin in his family was “prized above all else,” but that the body he inherited from his father, Sonny Bono’s side of the family, means he will always have to watch what he eats.

Bono’s goal is to achieve a long-term healthy weight, which he feels will help in his acting career.  Bono says, “I wasn’t an overweight child, but I was put on diets all the time. So there was a lot of pressure to be underweight growing up.” Bono also says, “I hope the pressure of doing something publically will give me more incentive [to lose weight].”
Dr. Travis says, “People might say I can’t empathize with Chaz because Chaz has lived a unique life.  But the truth is Chaz’s story is not that different from everyone else out there trying to lose weight.”
Dr. Travis also tells Chaz, “You’re at a critical juncture. You’re 43 years of age and failure is not an option.”
The Doctors will check in with Bono throughout the next year as he documents his journey through video and photos, with the final results of the weight loss transformation revealed in a future episode on The Doctors.
Please tune in Wednesday, November 14 (check local listings) to hear more of The Doctors’ exclusive interview with Chaz Bono. 

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