HISTORY Examines Recent Wave of Storms in Superstorm 2012, Premiering Nov. 18

HISTORY examines the recent wave of killer storms and searches for answers in a chilling new special.

Hurricane Sandy was one awful late season storm.

Mankind has always been at the mercy of Mother Nature. We have faced everything from tidal waves, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes: but was superstorm Sandy different?

Many believe this was just a taste of things to come. HISTORY’s new one-hour special Superstorm 2012: Hell and High Water (WT), premiering Sunday, November 18 at 9 p.m., is the story of a superstorm that is changing the way we think about the weather and our world.


Hurricane Sandy claimed more than 160 lives from the Caribbean to the East Coast of North America, leaving in its wake billions of dollars of destruction and devastation. 

This show brings together a team of some of the world’s best meteorologists and scientists who will take viewers inside the anatomy of a superstorm. They will show how a superstorm is formed and dissect the conditions that made Sandy spiral out of control. Viewers will witness the devastating results, hear amazing stories from those who were there and examine what needs to be done to save lives and property.

The show will be revealing and shocking in equal parts, will be relevant long after the debris is cleared. Was Sandy a freak storm; or is it part of an ever increasing cycle of natural disasters?

Using the latest scientific data, HISTORY’s elite team will search for the clues that may offer a glimpse into a terrifying future.



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