Jennifer Coolidge, Go Down the Rabbit Hole...Halloween on The Talk! (VIDEOS)

Tune in as The Talk “ventured down the rabbit hole” to a magical Halloween Wonderland today with guests Jennifer Coolidge Vicki Lawrence, Carnie & Wendy Wilson and Chef Cat Cora!  Please check out photos and clips below.

"The Talk's" Halloween Wonderland

This Halloween, don't be late for a very important date! Follow the White Rabbit (co-host Sheryl Underwood) down the rabbit hole to THE TALK's magical "Wonderland" as the daytime talk show celebrates Halloween with an "Alice In Wonderland"-themed episode. Check out the magical show open.

MAD for Halloween!

"The Talk" has gone wonderfully mad for Halloween! See co-hosts Alice (Sara Gilbert), the Mad Hatter (Julie Chen), the White Rabbit (Sheryl Underwood), the Cheshire Cat (Aisha Tyler) and the Queen of Hearts (Sharon Osbourne) enter the Alice in Wonderland-themed set.


Magical Halloween Transformation See Alice and the ladies magically transform after sipping magic potion in "The Talk's" Halloween Wonderland. It's time to say goodbye. Have a happy and safe Halloween! Mad For Halloween
Costume Talk with Jennifer Coolidge Jennifer Coolidge (as the White Queen) explains why she will be dressing up a little sexy for Halloween this year: "I'm dating a new guy...Sometimes I choose to be the tampon or the zit. I don't want to do that this year. I feel like I need to be attractive!" Coolidge
Magical Transformation

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