How is Your Life a Lifetime Movie? Lifetime wants to know!

My life is currently emulating a Lifetime movie.

I married my High School sweetheart after a 30 year hiatus. We married above the Pacific ocean with our family attending.  Dolphins literally broke the waves while our ceremony was underway, and the normal Marine layer that fogs up the coast stayed far out to sea, with a full moon glistening on the water:


Prior to this we traveled all over the USA for fun and work related adventures prior to the wedding. The feelings we had for each other never had died, and as luck would have it, we got together at the perfect time in each other's life. For us, each day is a gift and we try not to mourn the lost decades without each other.

What about yours? Drama, intrigue or just a good old fashioned love story?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought to yourself, my life should be on TV?

On October 17 (10/9c), Lifetime will premiere its new original series, My Life Is A Lifetime Movie, which will weave together highly cinematic recreations and first person interviews with women in peril who recount their jaw-dropping experiences that are so astonishing and so unbelievable, that they must be true.

For nearly three decades, Lifetime original movies have been a part of America’s cultural fabric. 

Uniquely capturing shocking scenarios involving scandal, deception, love gone bad, dark secrets, murder and other unscrupulous behaviors, what has made these movies so resonant is the fact many of them are true and now, for the first time, viewers will be hearing from the real people behind these fascinating stories.

Please tune into the premiere, Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10/9c, and please share how your life is like a Lifetime movie!

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