Terry Bradshaw, Mark Kelly interviews from Leno (VIDEOS)

Former NFL Quarterback Terry Bradshaw brought his crazy antics to Jay's couch last night.

Later, Bradshaw addressed this year’s NFL season, including his thoughts on Tim Tebow, Terrell Owens and the Manning brothers.

Astronaut Mark Kelly talks about the hardest tasks he faced being the captain of the space shuttle Endeavour and his continued commitment to his wife, Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords and Grizzly Bear performs.

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Terry Bradshaw, Part 1 (10/11/12)

Terry Bradshaw is rich in love.


Terry Bradshaw, Part 2 (10/11/12) Terry Bradshaw talks about the NFL and replacement refs. Captain Mark Kelly, Part 1 (10/11/12) Captain Mark Kelly on his life before becoming an astronaut. Captain Mark Kelly, Part 2 (10/11/12) Captain Mark Kelly on piloting space shuttle Endeavour.

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