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PBS NewsHour’s new tool is AdLibs, a tool created by PBS NewsHour and Mozilla. It helps you create political ads using information you're already sharing on

From PBS

According to NewsHour Political Editor Christina Bellantoni, there is a science to campaign spots, and the NewsHour wanted to give voters the tools to see how their own Facebook profiles could be viewed in a political context. "We feel the easiest way to understand it is to do it yourself," she said. "Plus, it's fun."

With each step, as you make your ad, our engine shows you why this media format is so persuasive and shows you historical examples to help put your messaging crafting in context.

Unlike the campaigns, this tool is not designed to attack anyone else. You can decide -- Will you attack yourself? Or talk up your credentials in a positive spot?

Or, put both methods to the test.

AdLibs was developed by Mozilla and Ocupop using open technologies like HTML5 and Popcorn.js, as part of a partnership to leverage these technologies for public media coverage of the 2012 election.

"AdLibs helps you learn how political ads work by making one of your own," said Ben Moskowitz, media program officer at Mozilla. "It's a great example of the power of remix and the open web, and of Mozilla's overall approach to learning and digital literacy."

"Learning by making" is at the heart of Mozilla's new Webmaker iniative (webmaker.org), a suite of tools and projects that empower youth and everyday people to make something amazing on the web, whether it's an interactive video, their first web page, or their own mobile app.

So go ahead, run for president. Try the app or download the source
code at http://pbs.org/newshour/adlibs/.


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