TLC’s Half-Ton Killer video preview (GRAPHIC)

In today's "OMG what is TLC bringing us now" TV coverage, we present the tune in for tonight's much-anticipated premiere of TLC’s Half-Ton Killer.

This one-hour special explores the controversial and shocking murder mystery case of one of the world’s heaviest women, Mayra Rosales.


From TLC, cue the dramatic music:

In a Texas border town, along a major corridor known for drugs and human trafficking, a young boy has been murdered.

Mayra Rosales, a woman bedridden from obesity, claimed she accidently crushed and killed her two year-old nephew.


Immediately the case took fire—the media wanted to bring her to justice, citizens demanded their tax dollars go elsewhere, and the judicial system scrambled for a solution.


One man, Mayra’s attorney Sergio Valdez, realized something was wrong: the boy’s injuries appeared to be no accident. Furthermore, Mayra could barely move: deathly-ill from pneumonia, and weighing in at 1,100 pounds, she required 10 men, and an extra-large ambulance to even reach the hospital. Thus began an investigation into Mayra and her family’s suspicious behavior that revealed a story far more sinister than anyone realized..."


Hooked right? Morbid obesity, death and an 'after' picture from her bariatric surgery that STILL shows her enormous weight hurdles.




In the clip below, a state appointed physician visits with Mayra and discovers that her weight is not the only dangers she faces.

TLC’S HALF-TON KILLER? –Airing tonight at 9/8c






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