Louis C.K. takes a break: 'Louie' Season four slated for Spring 2014

FX star Louis CK is taking a break, according to the star who is speaking to journalists including M&C on a group call.

The sentimental season is wrapping up, and CK says he needs some time to find a new story and some "pie and coffee" to figure it out.

The great episodes of the season include "Daddy's Girlfriend" which featured Parker Posey who was magic in scene with CK. 

FX chieftain John Landgraf, also on the call, spoke of deconstructing the form of the traditional sitcom, and different ways of organizing the stories of CK, for the goal of breaking down traditional modes. "Louis will do whatever he wants to, and we'll (FX) figure out how to support that..."

Developing, more to come.





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