Felons, fools and fraus: Linda Hogan toplines TLC Brides of Beverly Hills (VIDEO)

Linda Hogan's splashy DUI was timely. She'll have the funds to pay for the pop, which averages 6000-10K for a first offense. 

Her money comes from a divorce settlement with Hulk Hogan and her new guesting gig with TLC for "Brides of Beverly Hills."  The sophomore season premieres Friday, November 2 at 10/9c

TLC premieres season two of the 15-episode half hour sophomore season, which will continue to follow bridal stylist Renée Strauss and her team of stylists, including florist Kevin Lee, as they navigate the ridiculous world of the Beverly Hills bride.

From TLC

Season one average 1.2 million P2+ viewers and garnered a 1.0 HH rating for the network that is home to the most popular wedding programming on television.

Vowing to deliver even more glitz, glamour and drama, the season kicks off with the premiere episode featuring the famous reality TV star Linda Hogan. Best known as ex-wife of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, Linda searches for the perfect gown - even after her engagement to Charley Hill, someone her daughter's age was called off.  She believes that if she finds the perfect dress, the perfect man will soon follow.

Later, viewers meet bride-to-be convicted felon Yvonne Pampellonne who was labeled by international media as the “Boob Bandit” back in 2009. Yvonne has been accused of stealing an individuals’ identity to get a breast augmentation.

After doctors were able to trace her identify through a serial number featured in her old set of implants, Yvonne did 180 days in the hole, and was forced to plead guilty to burglary, grand theft and identity theft.

TLC says: "Now ready to close that chapter in her life, she is determined to find her dream dress and walk down the aisle with Shane, her fiancé who she has known since childhood."

This shameless crook gets a reality TV spot! Joining Big Mama Honey Boo Boo June in the TLC pantheon of shady grifters. Ugh. Don't watch this mess, please.

TLC transformed Fridays into “BrideDay” through airing two hours of original wedding-related content each week, securing the network’s #1 rank among all ad-supported cable on Friday night in 2012 among W18-34.




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