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Mark Zuckerberg explains where all the money went to Matt Lauer, Brian Williams

By April MacIntyre Oct 4, 2012, 8:22 GMT

Mark Zuckerberg explains where all the money went to Matt Lauer, Brian Williams

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg EPA/YURIKO NAKAO

NBC News fired over a partial transcript of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and his chat with Matt Lauer of "Today" with an extended intervew planned for "Rock Center with Brian Wiliams" on October 4. 

Announced yesterday, Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg sits down with Matt Lauer for his first television interview since the IPO in an exclusive interview airing on “Today” and “Rock Center with Brian Williams” on Thursday, October 4. In the interview, Zuckerberg will unveil a historic milestone, not to be missed.

From NBC

Following are some additional excerpts from the interview.

And you talk about executing. And that comes back to you, Mark. Because people look at you and they say, "Not only is this the visionary and the technical guy. This is the CEO." And I want to know how much pressure you're feeling in that area. I was reading an article. And it said, "This is a guy who's learning as he goes. It's like taking flying lessons, but you're in the cockpit of a 747. And there are people in the plane." How do you feel about that?

Well, I take the responsibility extremely seriously. You know? I mean, there are all these people who use our services -- and, you know, the thing that I like to remind myself, and the people at the company, is that people don't have a core human need to use Facebook. There's a core human need to want to express yourself and stay connected with the people that you care about.


Can the company make money? I mean, I'm not a tech guy. And I'm not really a business guy.

Well, I think it depends on your definition of "killing it." I mean, we are making billions of dollars, right? And we're a public company now, so I can talk about that. But the future is really gonna be about mobile, right? And the opportunities for growth there.


Again, everything you say here, I listen, "So this guys know this business." And he knows the side of it that is the visionary, how do we get to more people side. I want to go back to the CEO side for one second. An article I read said, "Is Mark Zuckerberg in over his hoody?" Do you think a CEO who has more experience than you might be able to take this company to the next level and leave you to develop the products? Would that be a possible strategy?

You know, I take this responsibility that I have really seriously. And I really think that Facebook needs to be focused on building the best experiences for people around the world, right? And we have this philosophy that building the products and services and building the business go hand in hand.

Jim Bell is the executive producer of "Today" (Mon. - Fri. 7-11am). David Corvo is the senior executive producer, Rome Hartman is the executive producer and Brian Williams is the anchor and managing editor of "Rock Center with Brian Williams" (Thursdays 10p/9c).



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