Sons of Anarchy: Emma Jean, Gemma and Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

Gemma's close to a break down, but fans of Katey Sagal's badass mama know she'll come back swinging.

Last week she creamed Ashley Tisdale's Emma Jean, a high-priced Indiana wholesome whore/escort and employee of Nero (Jimmy Smits), who was servicing her old man Clay (Ron Perlman).

It felt more like a cathartic exercise for the SAMCRO queen than jealous rage over Clay.

On Tuesday, Ashley Tisdale’s arc continues. Emma Jean may or may not have phoned the cops, who raided the brothel and arrested everyone including Gemma.

Guess we'll find out...

Before The Anarchy: Prospect Life

Before the next episode, check in with Niko Nicotera (“Ratboy”) and Walter Wong (“V-Lin”) to learn about life as a “prospect.” All new Tuesdays 10p only on FX.

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