NBC: 'The Voice' clipapalooza highlights (VIDEOS)

Rewind time courtesy of NBC as it was a huge night, our coaches finalized their teams. 

Who do you think has the strongest team?  We're feeling the Mary/Adam collaboration personally. Are you surprised about any of the choices?  What will this new, bigger, better and “twistier” season bring?


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Celica Westbrook's Blind Audition: "A Thousand Years"

The confident 16-year-old impresses three coaches with her mature, radio-ready vocals as she sails through Christina Perry's "A Thousand Years."


Kayla Nevarez's Blind Audition: "American Boy" The talented 17-year-old perks up the coaches immediately with her smooth, jazzy sound as she sings Estelle's "American Boy."

Rudy Parris' Blind Audition: "Every Breath You Take" This former rocker vies for his big break with his rendition of "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.

Nicole Johnson's Blind Audition: "Mr. Know It All" The talented vocalist puts a country spin on Kelly Clarkson's "Mr. Know It All," quickly impressing two of the coaches.

Nathalie Hernandez's Blind Audition: "White Horse" Nathalie's storytelling quality and sincere performance of Taylor Swift's "White Horse" intrigues the coaches immediately.

Caitlin Michelle's Blind Audition: "Cosmic Love" Caitlin Michelle floors the coaches with her take on Florence and The Machine's "Cosmic Love." Chevonne's Blind Audition: "Brass in Pocket" The spunky NJ native grabs the attention of two coaches with her strong, emotional performance of The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket." Cody Belew's Blind Audition: "Hard to Handle" This country boy growls and dances his way through The Black Crowes' "Hard to Handle," showing the audience a good time.

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