Sons of Anarchyís Michael Ornsteinís upcoming Jack Kerouac Tribute at the Beat Museum

FX 'Sons of Anarchy' star Michael Marisi Ornstein is a multimedia artist we love to cover.

His role as amputee Chucky on the macho gritty "Sons of Anarchy' is a well-crafted quirky oddball who throws the normally uber intense cast off-kilter for a second, creating magic in scenes that balances out the drama.

He will be in San Francisco for a send up of American icon Jack Kerouac Tribute at the Beat Museum: Honoring and Reinventing Kerouacís Scroll at the San Francisco Beat Museum on the evening of October 27.

Ornstein will partake in honoring Jack Kerouacís book On the Road at The Beat Museum San Francisco, October 27, 28 and will also celebrate the upcoming release of the Walter Salles-directed film inspired by it.

From his website:

"For this show, I'll have six new paintings accompanied by original recorded stories, representing Jack Kerouac's dreams in NYC."

"Coffee and three eggs over easy, no butter on rye toast
Air is fresh off the Hudson, water take me out to sea,
Go to the river, go now, let the breeze sail me on my breath,
Whiskey on my shirt, too many cigarettes, need to change my socks,
Men working too early, men working, me working, white birds overhead,
Another morning, half dead with a spark,
Eggs and coffee burning through my stomach lining, got me an ulcer,
Street's reflecting the morning sun, city going from blue to orange,
Bread baking at Zito's, stand outside and breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe,
There's a nighttime to this morning that I just can't shake, don't want to,
I will hold onto the nighttime through the day,
Windows burning on Bleeker Street, bricks heating up,
Pigeons gone mad in the park across from the church,
The wind on this corner of Carmine and Bleeker conjures Angels,
One day I will be an Angel on this corner, too, feeding stale bread to birds,
Until then, I'll walk like a man and feed music to the people ..."

- Dream Two / Carmine and Bleeker St. (

Sons of Anarchy fans who love good literature and fine company head to The Beat Museum, located on 540 Broadway St. in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco - known as the historic epicenter of the Beat culture.  

The project is a yearlong initiative during which hundreds of participants from around the world come to honor the draft Kerouac continuously wrote of his famous book in 1951 - which has come to be called The Scroll - by submitting testimonials of what Kerouacís writing means to them.

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