Monroe's dilemma: NBC's 'Grimm' back with a vengeance (VIDEOS)

Tune in alert for NBC's great supernatural drama "Grimm" - episode 2.06 titled "Over My Dead Body."

According to notes from NBC, Nick's friendship might get Monroe killed. Someone will return from his past on this episode, and he will receive a warning.

Angelina (guest star Jaime Ray Newman) comes back in to town with a warning for Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) learns his friendship with a Grimm comes at a cost.

Meanwhile Nick (David Giuntoli) comes to Hank (Russell Hornsby) for help to keep Monroe safe and Hank uses this time to get caught up with his knowledge of the "Wesen world."

Meanwhile guest star Alice Evans pays Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) a visit, but for what is unclear....

"Grimm" will return on Friday night.

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