Eddie McClintock interview today, and 'Warehouse 13' previews for Sept. 10

Tune in alert for Syfy's Warehouse 13, as the next episode (USA) is "Endless Wonder."

Pete and Myka investigate an artifact that causes people to stretch...to death! Danielle Nicolet guest stars. The show airs Monday, Sept 10 at 9/8c.

On Thursday, September 6, the UK launch of the 4th season of Warehouse 13 happens, and M&C contributor and site friend Ian Cullen was recently lucky enough to speak with one of the shows stars, Eddie McClintock, on what fans can expect to see in the new series, but also what his thoughts are on the shows evolution thus far.

Eddie McClintock's interview can be heard on Blog Talk Radio today - as Ian is rolling it out today at 4pm PST, so please join him.

Radio LINK

Interview Excerpt:

SFP: What’s your favorite artifact from the show?

Eddie McClintock: You know even though we never actually saw it. I loved when Pete talked about putting on Abe Lincoln’s Hat and having an irresistible urge to free Mrs Frederick. I just thought that was so smart and funny. I think that it kind of exemplifies what we’re doing on the show. We’re trying to do something that is smart and funny, but has social purpose you know and it shows me that the audience trusts us. I think that it shows that everybody can watch Warehouse 13 and get something out of it.

Preview for the USA next showing of Warehouse 13 on September 10 (Monday) on Syfy:


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