Kirk Cameron on 19 Kids and Counting, TLC on August 28 (VIDEO)

Tune in alert for the Duggars on TLC.

On Tuesday, August 28 at 9 PM ET/PT, 19 Kids and Counting brings the Duggars, and their supersized brood.

From TLC

Though the family is still coping after the loss of baby Jubilee, they pull together to support each other through the hard times.  And with 19 kids, there is a lot to keep them busy. In the premiere one-hour episode of 19 KIDS AND COUNTING, the whole Duggar clan heads down to Florida for Annaís sisterís wedding. Will a Duggar girl be next down the aisle?

The excitement doesnít stop for the Duggars as Jim Bob and Michelle have a special dinner with none other than Growing Pains 90ís star, Kirk Cameron. During the season, we watch the older girls begin to be courted while the boys pick up new instruments. The house is certainly noisier than ever now.

Jill celebrates her 21st birthday and several Duggars learn how to hunt turkeys. Meanwhile, we check in on oldest son Josh and his growing family. While itís not quite 19, we see how wife Anna is handling being a mother of two. Will there be any more babies on the way?


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